Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas Weekend - Saturday

On Saturday we woke up and headed to Cub Club to make Christmas presents. The kids had so much fun picking out a gift and making for someone special. Austin made me a special present and wrapped it all by himself. He is so excited for me to open it and I think I am just as excited. The boys played in the Cub Club house and had a ball.

That afternoon we headed back to the waterpark while the little boys took a nap with Mimi and Grandpa. We rode the big slides and had a blast with Austin.

Before we left Austin got a tattoo of a snake, made a Wolf and had ice cream. The three of us had so much fun. I love spending individual time with my children and I love Austin!!

We ordered food in again and played games in the hotel room while the boys watched the Cowboy game!! The night ended early for the little ones. Austin went to sleep with no problems with his new wolf!!

Another great day!!

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  1. This looks so fun!!! We are going to have to do this!! The pics of your boys are precious! Love that one on one time as well!!! The last one of Austin is just says it all:)!!