Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Barrett and Dylan

Today my little boys turned 2 years old and I can NOT believe it! These two years have been full of new adventures to say the least. However it has been truly amazing to watch Barrett and Dylan go from struggling to breath to vibrant healthy wild crazy little boys! God has blessed us in so many ways and even through the scary birth and 5 week NICU stay...God was always good! All three of my boys amaze me everyday and I love to watch them form the bond that brothers will share for a lifetime! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barrett and Dylan and thank you so much for blessing my life each new day! I love you, Mommy!

Brothers Forever!

The first time I got to hold them together!

The first time I held Barrett - 2 WEEKS old!

The first time I held Dylan - 2 days old

The first time Austin met Dylan

My tiny baby boys!

The first time I saw them - 2 hours after delivery!




They definitely had a rough start but you could not tell it today and I thank God each day for my two little angels!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story 3 in 3D

When I heard Toy Story 3 was coming out I decided to buy Austin Toy Story to see if he was interested in it at all. Well he loved it and so I decided I would make it a "special day" and take him to see Toy Story 3 at the movies. Then I found out it was in 3D and was even more excited! Austin think any day that is just me and him is our "special day"! What can I say, the boy loves his brothers but LOVES one on one time with Mommy!! We asked Katy, Lane and Grant to come along and they said YES, so we loaded the car and headed to Tyler.
Austin and Lane

Me and my big boy!! He is getting too big too fast!!

The boys loved the glasses and were amazed at the 3D objects. Austin was a little scared at first but got over it quickly!! Everyone was great during the movies and of course loved it. However it was a tear jerker and I did have a few tears! All in all a great day with my Austin!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beach Pictures

I have 4 16x16 photos over my dining room table and I wanted to replace them this year with pictures from the beach! I think they turned out great. I loved the one of them looking at the ocean so much that I ordered it in a gallery wrap canvas!




My three boys

My favorite

The Beach!!

For vacation this summer we had been planning on going to Gulf Shores but with all the oil we canceled our beach house and headed to Galveston! Austin was so excited to see the ocean and the beach. When we first drove into Galveston and saw the ocean he yelled, this is bigger than Jesus! We all had so much fun. Austin played in the ocean just like it was the swimming pool. The little boys did NOT like the ocean but loved the beach. The resort we stayed in way very nice and had a children's pool that the boys LOVED! It was great to get away for the week and just hang out together.

The kids with our sand castle

Austin on the boogie board

Me and Dylan in the ocean

Barrett at the beach

Dylan at the beach

Me and Austin in the Ocean

Austin swimming in the ocean

Austin and Carlee

Me and Barrett

Austin in the ocean

Dylan screaming the first time he felt the sand and saw the ocean

Austin and Carlee

Austin and Barrett at the infinity edge waterfall!

Me and Michael at dinner

Me and Austin

The family at dinner

Austin and Daddy

Austin and Dylan playing

Austin playing with Barrett

The Lake

We decided to take all the boys to lake for the first time! Austin was super excited about riding on a boat and he LOVED it. He held on tight and asked Brandon to drive faster!! The little boys were a little leery at first but loved the boat ride and playing in the sand at the "beach"!

Dylan trying on his life jacket

Barrett did not like being in the water

Me and Dylan

Austin and Carlee

Daddy and Barrett

My three boys...eating...what is new!

Me and Austin

Dylan and Brandon driving the boat


Playing on the "beach"

Dylan asleep on mommy

After a long day on the lake!

T-Ball....Go Dodgers

This is Austin's first season of t-ball and he LOVES it. To be honest I think Michael and I love it just as much. He is a great little player. He hits hard and runs as fast as he can, which isn't the fastest, but hey he is only 4. He loves getting medals at his tournaments, even if it is for last place. He is on a team with his friends Jackson and Reed and met his new friend Lane!

Austin in the outfield

At one of his last games Austin begged to played catcher. He had never played that position and wanted his "turn". He looked too cute in his catcher's gear!

Austin and Jackson eating their medals...BOYS!!

Jackson, Austin, Reed, and Lane showing off their medals!

Dedicated tball player!! Austin refused to go to sleep without his uniform!

First day he got his uniform

#10 - carry on the tradition, Michael and I both were #10 in all the sports we played growing up! I decided that the little boys are going to be #1 and #0, so together they will be #10 too!

Our little Dodger

pep talk at practice

Austin and Jackson at practice!