Monday, February 22, 2010

A Pirate Play

For Austin's birthday I decided to take him back to the Dallas Children Theater to see "How I Became a Pirate". Austin loved the Christmas play there and I knew he would enjoy a play about pirates even more. I was right he LOVED it. A few weeks ago when I decided to take him I went to Barnes and Nobles and got the book and started reading it to him and told him we would bring it to the play so the characters could sign it. Of course he was super excited and therefore asked me very frequently it today was the pirate play day. On Saturday my mom suggested that he dress up like a pirate for the play and of course Austin wanted to. I did not mind, especially since he was a pirate for Halloween this year. So with his costume packed we headed to Dallas after church to run a few errands and go to the play. We went to the party store first to get a few things for his birthday party this weekend but he convinced Mimi and Grandpa that he needed a telescope, eye patch and hook to go along with his costume for the play, of course they said yes.

Me and Austin at the play

Austin waiting for the play to start

Looking through his telescope at intermission

Autographs after the show

Austin with the Captain

Austin with Grandpa and Mimi

Austin with his Mimi

You can not take pictures during the show but it was such a great show. The props and scenery were amazing. I highly recommend this theater for you and your kids, I loved it as a kid and I know that Austin loves it just as much. I can't wait to take all my boys this summer to see Giggle, Giggle, Quack!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Well Valentine's Day is not an important day for me. I love my boys and I love my husband but I just have never been extremely excited for this "holiday"! I have always said it is because my birthday is 2 weeks later and so is Austin's so I don't want to take any focus off of that!! However we did do a little celebrating this year...On Friday Michael and I headed out with friends to eat dinner at Dakota's, then on Saturday we went back to Tyler to run a few errands and went to Chuck e Cheese and then Saturday night Michael cooked steaks on the grill and we watched a movie. On Sunday we headed to church and came home for an afternoon nap! Austin had a blast with Valentine's day for his grandparents, us and all his friends! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

This is such a rare moment at our house, everyone is quietly sitting down coloring and watching Caillou!!

Dylan has always been very stingy with his kisses and this weekend he finally has gave in and LOVES to give kisses now. Only drawback - he kisses with his tongue...Oh well I will take what I can get!!

Our Valentine's Day heart shaped Chocolate chip muffins

Eating breakfast!

Dylan and Barrett with their Valentine's Day presents ... New Books!!

Austin with his new book for Valentines Day!

Austin picked me out a necklace for Valentine's Day and was so excited to give it to me.

Austin taking my picture with my necklace on before church... he was so proud!

Austin before church!

After church we made heart pizza and took a nap...what a great weekend!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Another great day!! This morning we woke up to find about 7 inches of white powdery snow on the ground!! Oh my gosh I don't think I have ever seen this much snow in Texas!! We were all up by 7:30 and out the door at 8:00am. Austin thought it was the neatest thing he had ever seen and frankly so did I. The little boys were not as crazy about it. The did NOT like the fact that they could not see their feet when they walked. We walked down to Aunt Jamie's house to play there for a little bit and then headed back to our house.

The front of our house

Austin's action shot jumping in the snow

Me and Austin with his snowman

Austin and Daddy with his snowman

Working on the snowman

Me and all my boys

Barrett being cold...he would NOT keep his gloves on

Dylan and Barrett wishing they were inside

The backyard

The front yard

Austin making a snowman with Uncle Derek, Ally and Macie

Austin making a snow angel

Barrett in the snow

Another great day!! Days like this just do not exist in East Texas and we are so glad that for one day that they did!! But now I am officially ready for warmer weather!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


WOW!! What a day...I LOVE all the snow and so did ALL my boys!! We had so much fun playing outside in all the snow. All the boys did not know what to think. Barrett and Dylan loved it as long as they were dry and on their feet. All Austin wanted to do was make snowballs and throw them at us. Once Michael got home the real snowball fights began and even a miniature snowman was built. What a great day full of great memories!!

Watching the snow fall

Brother kisses

Austin and Mommy

Making snowballs

Let the snowball fight begin

Talking about the plan...

on the move

My three babies

Austin getting Daddy!

Snowball fight

Watching the snowball fight

Daddy and Austin making a snowman

Smiling with their snowman

Austin with his snowman

Me and my little man!!

I love days like today that make you smile so big at the end of the day!! I love my family and I love memories that we make together. Thank you God for all the blessing you give to us!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


While surfing around blog land one day I came across these "superhero" capes and just had to have them for my boys but with three little boys it was going to cost about $100!! So I asked my mother in law if she thought she could make them and she did and they look great, and even more importantly the boys LOVE them. They run around the house and the yard screaming and pretending.

And yes I am aware that my children's initials spell BAD and I hope and pray it is not a bad omen!!

Austin the Superhero

Barrett the superhero

Dylan the Superhero

Do I look like my mommy or what?

Playing at Gigi's work

Trouble running down the hall

Austin loves it so much he HAD to sleep in it!!

Thanks Gigi...we love you and our new capes!!