Sunday, December 6, 2009


Barrett love his green blankee! Blankee can make everything better if Bear is ever upset. Both boys were giving these small blankets as a gift when they were born and Barrett automatically was in love. It took us awaile to understand how happy it really could make him until several long car rides with Barrett screaming. Barrett is happy 95% of the time but he became the worst car rider ever! So we decided to bring his blankee that he slept with and wow what a difference...he never made a peep. Since then (about 6 months ago) we don't go anywhere without it. Barrett drags his blankee around the house, sleeps with him, sucks on him, bites him, pretty much does everything with him and because of this he gets dirty. One morning Barrett had an accident in his bed and blankee was wet and had to be washed. Well Bear is especially attached to blankee in the morning and was not going to give him up. So to the laundry room we went and in the washing machine blankee went. Barrett was NOT happy. Once he got over the fact he was in there he waited by the washing machine for him to come out!!

Too cute!! This is my only baby that has had a blankee attachment and as I know it won't be cute at 12 it is super cute at 1.

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