Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve at Granddaddy's House!

Today is the day that the family Christmas' begin!! I am so excited and Austin is even more excited. We headed out for Longview this morning about 9am. Somehow I convinced Michael to let me run a few errands in town before heading to town. Of course this mean drop off at the door service because Michael does NOT run errands especially with three children in tow. After a few quick stops we were off to Michael's dad's house or better known as Granddaddy. After a quick lunch and a ton of playing we opened the first gifts of Christmas. The boys were super excited. Everyone loved their presents and of course wanted to open everything RIGHT NOW!!
The boys with their cousin Kelsi

I love this picture...I think it looks like they are plotting about what trouble they are going to get into next!

Michael, Austin and Kelsi wrestling

Granddaddy with all his grandkids

Granddaddy and his boys

Granddaddy and Austin

I do not have enough pictures of the boys with their Granddaddy and was so glad that everyone allowed me to get a few. Overall we all had a great afternoon and enjoyed Christmas with Mike.

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