Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas Weekend - Friday

Wow, what an amazing weekend!! This past weekend was our annual family fun Christmas weekend. My side of the family always takes a weekend in December to do a Christmas celebration as a family. Last year since all the babies were so little we decided to stay at home for our weekend but started planning for this year. We booked early and we able to get a great deal and took all the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge and they had a blast. Austin has been talking about going to the "hotel" for about a month now and to say the least was super excited Friday when he woke up.
Friday started with Sunshine Friends Preschool Christmas program which was very cute and Austin and Macie did a great job.

We had to make a small detour on the way to the lodge to stop in the Canton DPS office for Michael to put in paper work to possibly transfer back there as Sergeant. We pray that he gets this position. Michael says it would be the best Christmas present for him this year.

After that we on our way to The Great Wolf Lodge and Austin was pumped. He asked at least 30 times if we were there yet and then went on to tell us exactly what he was going to do when he got there, I am going to put on my swimsuit and my ear plug and then run and jump into the water!! The hotel is amazing, there are kids everywhere. My kids did not seem loud in the slightest and for a mom of three boys this is pretty close to amazing. All you hear is the voices of little kids, laughter, feet running and of course screaming, yelling and crying. We did just like Austin said and went straight to our rooms got into our swimsuits and headed straight for the water park.

Austin in the lobby when we arrived

An attempt at a group picture

On our way to the waterpark

Me with Barrett and Dylan

That night we ordered pizza in our rooms got in our pajamas and headed down to the lobby for story time and snow!! All the kids loved it!!

Dylan on our way to the lobby

Austin with Santa in the lobby

Waiting for story time to start

Ally and Barrett

And if that wasn't enough for one day we finished the night off with a special treat, chocolate milk and cookies, delivered by Santa's elves...

I could not of asked for a better day!!

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  1. Soooooo fun! I cannot wait to do this with the boys!! We are going to have to chat! What wonderful memories!!!:)