Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve at Gigi's House

Next stop - Gigi's house!! We headed over to Gigi's house with two extremely tired boys. The little boys were asleep within 2 minutes of leaving Granddaddy's house. Once we got to Gigi we put the boys down for an afternoon nap. Austin and Gigi decorated brownies with Christmas decorations. Austin asked if we could open presents every 5 minutes on the dot. After a long 2 hour nap the boys were up and it was time to open presents...FINALLY (as Austin said). At Gigi's house present time is pure chaos and we love it because most of the time so is our family. All the presents are handed out and you open them up all at the same time, usually shooting out what you received. It is FUN!! The boys loved everything they received. All three boys and Kelsi received ride on toys. Austin and Kelsi's were motorcycles and this was a top item on Austin Christmas list and he was elated!!

Dylan in his new ATV

Barrett in his new ATV

Austin with his new motorcycle

Austin with Rocky the Robot Truck - Another top request

Gigi and Popple with the boys

While loading the car it started to snow and Austin was super excited!!

The little boys were already in the car but here is the three of us in the snow on Christmas Eve!

Another great Christmas. Austin really loves going to Gigi and Popples house and LOVES playing with his cousin Kelsi. We are so thankful to have such wonderful parents in our lives that love our children as much as we do!! Merry Christmas Eve!!

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