Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doctors Appointment

Today we took Barrett and Dylan in for the 18 month check up. Both boys are doing great and are right on track. Barrett weighed 24 lbs and 7oz and was 32 inches long. Dylan weighed 25 lbs and 7oz and was 33 inches long. Barrett had two ear infections but other than that we have two healthy boys. When we came home from Tyler the boys were exhausted. They had only took a short little nap all day. So I made a quick dinner for them but them in the bath and they were both passed out at 7pm. Barrett ear infections and all can always make you laugh...this is what I walked into after making their bath water...

Never a dull moment at the Johnson house!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

18 Months

Today my 4lbs 2oz babies are 18 months old and are healthy and at least 25 lbs and are running around everywhere. Barrett who struggled to breath when he was born is so full of life and energy. He runs around laughing and looking for trouble at every corner. Barrett you have the cutest smile and eyes that make you want to melt. You always give kisses and are the best snuggler. I love you so much!! Dylan has come miles in the last 6 months. He is happier and more comfortable with new surroundings. He love to explore, as long as I am near, and is so proud of himself when he accomplishes something new. Once he does something he is proud of he will turn around and look at you with huge smile. Dylan, you are my baby and have the bluest eyes that make mommy melt. You have a giggle that turns heads. You love me so much and show me all day long with endless hugs, kisses and snuggles. Both of you love your Daddy but Barrett is not afraid to show it. Daddy will yell come here boys and Barrett will run to get to him. Both of you truly love your big brother Austin and love to play with him. Yall both love his toys and love to be in his room, especially when he is at school. Barrett and Dylan you boys have changed me and your Daddy's life and we love every moment of. The last 18 months have been a whirlwind but I have enjoyed it all and will remember it for a lifetime. I look at all three of you and think how much fun yall are going to have growing up. Now I wish I could figure out how to slow it all down. God has truly blessed our family!!


The little boys...NOW!!



Christmas at Mimi and Grandpa's

After Christmas morning at our house we loaded up the car with every new gift that we could fit into a bag and headed over to Mimi and Grandpa's house for Christmas breakfast. Everyone got there around 9:30 and all 6 kids were ready to go. After a quick breakfast it was present time. My moms house is a little more traditional and we all have places and take turns opening each present. It has always been pretty calm and easy and then this year we had three one year old little boys in the mix. We made do but decided next year we open the kids presents first and then send them to play with their new toys while the adults open there presents. Austin finally received the pogo stick that he has been asking for since November. I searched and finally found one made by fisher price that has a huge base on it to teach little ones how to use a pogo stick. We will see how that goes. Austin's reaction to the pogo stick was priceless. He was so excited when he started opening it he started screaming my pogo stick and ripping the paper off as fast as he could. My mom also for some reason bought Austin a drum, YES a DRUM!! Austin loves it, however the drum is staying at Mimi's house. He also got a new bedspread, a huge nerf gun, some movies, a mp3 player, and a fishing pole. The little boys got a train set, some instruments to go with Austin's drum, a crayola table and some new pajamas. My parents also bought the little boys a new dresser for their big boy room. After we recovered from the gift opening we all sat down for a huge but fantastic lunch. I love that my parents live right around the corner from us and I love that my children love and adore them as much as I do. Christmas has always been such a special time for me and my sisters and parents and I am so blessed that now are children can enjoy all the traditions and new traditions with us as well.

Jackson, Barrett and Austin attacking the first present

Mimi and all her grandbabies

The Johnson family

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning at the Johnson house started about 7:30am. Austin woke up and was ready to go and see what Santa had brought. The little boys were still asleep but we woke them up so they could join in on the action. Austin was very excited and walked out saying..."Look at all my new stuff"!! Santa brought all the boys The Extreme Coaster from Step 2 and let me say this is a super neat toy. Austin and Barrett love it and want to ride it over and over. Dylan liked it until he got ejected from the car and bumped his head. Ever since this, which was like the third time he rode it, he screams when you get near it. Austin also got a racetrack with shake and go cars. This is probably his favorite. The little boys love to watch the cars zoom by. He also got a batcave and batman toys, a leapster with a diego game, and a learn to write your letters game. The little boys got a basketball goal and a block table. All the boys got a movie each and a new sippy cup. All and all everyone loved everything and everyone plays with everything!!

The boys on top of the extreme coaster

Austin and Barrett playing with the racetrack

Oh yeah Austin also got a set of real football pads!

Barrett playing basketball

Barrett and Dylan playing with the roller coaster.

Everything at our house comes from "Santa" because the boys are so little we know that with three other Christmas' that they get tired of unwrapping presents (and so do mommy and daddy) so we opt for giving all the glory to Santa for the short period of time that the spirit of believing last! I love Christmas and always have. In my house there wasn't much of a choice because my mom loves Christmas too. I guess it is one of the many things that I get from her. Seeing the boys faces makes everything worth it. They loved everything and I feel truly blessed that Michael and I are able to give them such a wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas Eve Night

After making it home we unloaded the car of all the presents and the boys could not wait to play with them. Austin dressed up in his police man costume and got on his motorcycle. Michael got arrested several times. The boys played with their trucks, their guitars and sat in their chairs.

Before heading to bed all the boys put the cookies and milk out for santa

It was a challenge for all three boys not to eat the cookies!! (even though that had already had several)

After the little boys were in bed. We put on our coats and headed outside to put out the magic reindeer food.

After all the treats were out Austin headed off to bed. It took him awhile to go to sleep he said he was too excited. He kept coming out of his room and asking did Santa come yet? It was a very busy but fun Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve at Gigi's House

Next stop - Gigi's house!! We headed over to Gigi's house with two extremely tired boys. The little boys were asleep within 2 minutes of leaving Granddaddy's house. Once we got to Gigi we put the boys down for an afternoon nap. Austin and Gigi decorated brownies with Christmas decorations. Austin asked if we could open presents every 5 minutes on the dot. After a long 2 hour nap the boys were up and it was time to open presents...FINALLY (as Austin said). At Gigi's house present time is pure chaos and we love it because most of the time so is our family. All the presents are handed out and you open them up all at the same time, usually shooting out what you received. It is FUN!! The boys loved everything they received. All three boys and Kelsi received ride on toys. Austin and Kelsi's were motorcycles and this was a top item on Austin Christmas list and he was elated!!

Dylan in his new ATV

Barrett in his new ATV

Austin with his new motorcycle

Austin with Rocky the Robot Truck - Another top request

Gigi and Popple with the boys

While loading the car it started to snow and Austin was super excited!!

The little boys were already in the car but here is the three of us in the snow on Christmas Eve!

Another great Christmas. Austin really loves going to Gigi and Popples house and LOVES playing with his cousin Kelsi. We are so thankful to have such wonderful parents in our lives that love our children as much as we do!! Merry Christmas Eve!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve at Granddaddy's House!

Today is the day that the family Christmas' begin!! I am so excited and Austin is even more excited. We headed out for Longview this morning about 9am. Somehow I convinced Michael to let me run a few errands in town before heading to town. Of course this mean drop off at the door service because Michael does NOT run errands especially with three children in tow. After a few quick stops we were off to Michael's dad's house or better known as Granddaddy. After a quick lunch and a ton of playing we opened the first gifts of Christmas. The boys were super excited. Everyone loved their presents and of course wanted to open everything RIGHT NOW!!
The boys with their cousin Kelsi

I love this picture...I think it looks like they are plotting about what trouble they are going to get into next!

Michael, Austin and Kelsi wrestling

Granddaddy with all his grandkids

Granddaddy and his boys

Granddaddy and Austin

I do not have enough pictures of the boys with their Granddaddy and was so glad that everyone allowed me to get a few. Overall we all had a great afternoon and enjoyed Christmas with Mike.

The Polar Express

Last night since the weather was bad we had to change our plans from going to look at Christmas lights to cuddling on the couch and watching a movie. To be honest, I was kinda upset. I knew that Austin would love the Christmas lights and I was not sure how still he would sit through a movie. I decided on The Polar Express since we had been talking about it from the train ride last weekend. Austin LOVED it. The look on his face and his big eyes were much better than any Christmas light adventure we could have ever planned. He sat in my lap most of the movie intrigued. Through the years I think I have forgotten how magical Christmas really is and on this night because of Austin I remembered. The little boys loved to watch the train but of course that only lasted the few minutes. Their attention span is just not quite there yet. Today while at my mother in laws house, she was wearing a bell around her neck. We were in the other room and I was helping Austin change clothes and he heard the bell. His eyes got huge and he asked me if I heard it, I said yes, and he then asked do you think it is Santa. I then knew that he understood the movie last night and that he truly believes. I love Christmas for every part of which it is. I love that God was able to give us His son and show us the true meaning of selflessness, I love the true spirit of magic it brings to all the children and the adults as well, and mostly I love the memories that are made with my family and my friends. Merry Christmas to your family from ours!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas Weekend - Sunday

Well we woke up this morning to yet another excited day. We were headed to ride the Polar Express and Austin was yet again super excited. We put all three boys in their Christmas pajamas and headed for the train station. All three boys had a blast. No one cried or whined everyone loved the train.

Austin boarding the train...

Daddy and Austin

Santa was on board to and all my kids liked him today. Barrett and Dylan even gave him five!!

Dylan looking out the window

Me and my babies

The whole gang

My three precious boys!!

The boys loved the train and so did we. This was the perfect end to such a great weekend. Christmas is such a special time and I love making memories that will last a lifetime.

Family Christmas Weekend - Saturday

On Saturday we woke up and headed to Cub Club to make Christmas presents. The kids had so much fun picking out a gift and making for someone special. Austin made me a special present and wrapped it all by himself. He is so excited for me to open it and I think I am just as excited. The boys played in the Cub Club house and had a ball.

That afternoon we headed back to the waterpark while the little boys took a nap with Mimi and Grandpa. We rode the big slides and had a blast with Austin.

Before we left Austin got a tattoo of a snake, made a Wolf and had ice cream. The three of us had so much fun. I love spending individual time with my children and I love Austin!!

We ordered food in again and played games in the hotel room while the boys watched the Cowboy game!! The night ended early for the little ones. Austin went to sleep with no problems with his new wolf!!

Another great day!!

Family Christmas Weekend - Friday

Wow, what an amazing weekend!! This past weekend was our annual family fun Christmas weekend. My side of the family always takes a weekend in December to do a Christmas celebration as a family. Last year since all the babies were so little we decided to stay at home for our weekend but started planning for this year. We booked early and we able to get a great deal and took all the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge and they had a blast. Austin has been talking about going to the "hotel" for about a month now and to say the least was super excited Friday when he woke up.
Friday started with Sunshine Friends Preschool Christmas program which was very cute and Austin and Macie did a great job.

We had to make a small detour on the way to the lodge to stop in the Canton DPS office for Michael to put in paper work to possibly transfer back there as Sergeant. We pray that he gets this position. Michael says it would be the best Christmas present for him this year.

After that we on our way to The Great Wolf Lodge and Austin was pumped. He asked at least 30 times if we were there yet and then went on to tell us exactly what he was going to do when he got there, I am going to put on my swimsuit and my ear plug and then run and jump into the water!! The hotel is amazing, there are kids everywhere. My kids did not seem loud in the slightest and for a mom of three boys this is pretty close to amazing. All you hear is the voices of little kids, laughter, feet running and of course screaming, yelling and crying. We did just like Austin said and went straight to our rooms got into our swimsuits and headed straight for the water park.

Austin in the lobby when we arrived

An attempt at a group picture

On our way to the waterpark

Me with Barrett and Dylan

That night we ordered pizza in our rooms got in our pajamas and headed down to the lobby for story time and snow!! All the kids loved it!!

Dylan on our way to the lobby

Austin with Santa in the lobby

Waiting for story time to start

Ally and Barrett

And if that wasn't enough for one day we finished the night off with a special treat, chocolate milk and cookies, delivered by Santa's elves...

I could not of asked for a better day!!