Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving or Christmas

Today was both a preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving I decided to let Austin makes some special cookies to take with us to Michael's parents house. He was really excited about making them and I was excited that I had found a recipe that he could actually do mostly by himself.

Austin getting ready to make the cookies

Proud Austin with his cookies

The finished product...they were so easy just take a fudge striped cookie and place it chocolate side up, dip a large marshmallow in melted chocolate chips, and once cooled add the buckle on the hat!

Barrett and Dylan did not help make the cookies but definitly helped eat the ingredients!!

Once we had Thanksgiving cookies out of the way we were moving on to decorating for Christmas. Austin helped me pull everything down from the attic and unpack all the decorations. He was so excited to find his tree for his room, however when we found it he said, "this tree is not small it is tiny, I am going to call my Mimi and see if I can get a bigger one. I will give this one to my brothers." In his defense the tree was tiny!! We turned on Christmas music and me and Austin sang while the little boys danced. In one moment today I looked at my three boys and thought about last year. I remembered how tiny the little boys were. I look at Austin and have to struggle to see the baby left in his face. And then I thought about next year and how the Austin will be in his last year of preschool and the boys will be about the same age as Austin was when they were born. Time is flying by and in this moment I remember why I like to make every moment count and every memory last forever. I am so excited about this Christmas. Austin is at a great age and loves to learn and understand all about everything. The little boys literally see things for the first time and the expressions on their faces tell it all. I know that this Christmas is going to be a Christmas to remember forever!

The stocking are hung and the tree is up, not decorated, but up!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well today was a beautiful day outside and the little boys are learning to love to play outside and have discovered that they can do this without me. So after afternoon nap I put on all the boys coats, sock and shoes and opened up the back door. Out they went we started out at the swings after much begging from Austin. After swinging three boys in the swings I got everyone down and headed in to clean up the kitchen. The boys had a blast sliding down the slides, playing in the sand box and throwing leaves. They also love to play with Suzie and I really think she enjoys playing with them.

Suzie and all the boys in the sand box!

Going down the slide

Bear and Suzie

Austin and Suzie

Playing on the slide

Eating crackers in the sand box!

Austin, like any three year old, always says thing that amazes me. When outside playing today he looked up in the sky and saw this...

and said "Mom look at that comet." He became obsessed with it and wanted me to take a picture of it so here is Austin's "comet" for everyone to see!!

The night ended with a houseful, 6 adults, 1 three year old, and 3 one year old or my parents and my sister's family. We had a lot of fun, grilled hamburgers and mostly played with babies!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Austin's Thanksgiving feast at his school. He was so excited to go and sing his songs with his friends. He told me before we left that he was going to sing his song and then we were going to eat some good food and he was right. The boys were great and loved watching Austin sing. Barrett was himself and wondered around visiting with everyone and refused to have his picture taken, I guess he was too busy.

Austin at his Thanksgiving Program

Austin singing "Oh I am glad I am not a turkey, a turkey, a turkey, oh I am glad I am not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They will stuff you and bake you and then they will taste you, oh I am glad I am not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day."

Austin and Macie at Thanksgiving at Sunshine Friends

Dylan on the go!!

Dylan and his favorite person...Mommy!

I promise Barrett was here just too busy for pictures...I tried and so was Daddy but you know how that goes!

What A Weekend!!

Michael and I finally had a weekend alone. We have had a trip to Austin planned for a while now with some friends. The closer I got to the weekend the more nervous I got. This would be the first time for us to leave the babies for a weekend. I don't necessarily get nervous because I am afraid that my children won't be taken care of but more because of all the things that "might" happen. I also get concerned for the people that are taking care of the kids because I do not want them to be burdened. Our kid free weekend started on Friday after lunch and we had a blast! We ran errands in Tyler before we left and I am always amazed at how much I can get down when I do not have to take two babies out of car seats, unload a stroller, put little boys in stroller, and then chase the three year old in the store only to do a 5 minute errand and then reload. After having the little babies Michael and I running errands together or shopping is a thing of the past. Anything we can do by ourselves without the kids or while one sits in the car with the kids while the other runs in is how we now run errands. We then headed off to Austin and had a blast. We shopped, ate great food, hung out with great friends, and laughed until we could not laugh anymore. On Sunday I was ready to see my boys and my boys were ready to see me. All three of them did great and Michael's mom even said that Dylan did not cry once. All in all a great weekend to remember.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It finally feels like fall, yeah!! Today was a fun day with the boys. I am pretty sure that they drug out every toy in the house. All my boys love to be outside and cried and cried to go outside all day today. Finally this afternoon I gave in for a little bit and bundled them up in their new coats and out we went. They had a blast.

Austin on his go-cart!

Dylan giving big brother kisses!

Bear and Austin

Smiley Bear Bear

Smiley Dylan

And finally an attempt for a group shot. Hey 1 out of 3 smiling is pretty good for us. Hope everyone had a great day because me and the boys sure did.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


What a great Sunday!! Sundays are a hard day for us at the Johnson house. Mostly because church wears us all out, especially the little boys. Bear and Dylan are used to napping at 10 o'clock and on Sunday this is not possible, therefore it makes for two tired fussy boys. There are days that they even fall asleep in the car on the way home from church and we live about a minute and a half away. However today was a day for me! I have had a shopping day planned with a friend today for a couple of weeks and it was finally here. We had so much fun doing something that we don't get to do much as mom, focusing on ourselves. I think I laughed so hard I brought tears to my eyes at least 5 times! Believe me I love being a mom and I love my kids but today was about me and a great friend having a great time for ourselves and it was so worth it. The day had to end at some point though and it did and I came home to find three very excited boys! We loaded up to return to evening service finally returning back home around 8. Again two tired little boys hurried off to bed. Sundays are very stressful, tired and busy days but I would not change them. I love our church. I love that my children will grow up with such an amazing church family. Michael and I have come to really enjoy our time in Sunday School and became such great friends with people that encourage us to be better people, parents and spouses to one another. Most of all Sundays are full of presence of such an AMAZING GOD. Even though He is here all week on Sundays He reminds us of His great mercy and love. So as much as I dislike Sundays I love them even more.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I love the season of Fall. It is by far my favorite season. It means the State Fair is here, The Dallas Arboreteum pumpkin days, the pumpkin patch, halloween, the leaves falling and changing colors, almost all of my favorite things. It is like the non-stressful kick-off to the great Christmas season. I also love fall because it mean cooler weather and cute fall clothes. However in Texas we are sweating!!! I attempted to take pictures of my children playing in the leaves today in their jeans and long sleeved shirts but ten minutes into we were all sweating!! Where are the cooler temperatures?

An attempt at a picture of the three of them!

My Bear...He is always sweet!!

Austin's action shot as he jumped into the leaves!

Dylan eating leaves!!

Today also came with a bittersweet moment. Austin was invited to go with a friend to chuck e cheese tonight. This was the first time he has ever been invited to go on an outing without me. I really did not want him to go because I do not like for my children to be in the car with anyone without me. However I knew that Austin would love to go so I said yes. I have to admit it was not that bad. I did get a little nervous when I knew they were driving home. I have to say that prayer worked this time. I prayed that Austin would be safe and he was, but even more so I prayed that God would worry about this one for me and allow me to enjoy my night alone with the little boys and He did. I am so grateful to serve such an awesome God!! Austin is getting so big with each new day and as proud of him as I am it hurts my heart to see it happening so fast. Moments seem to fly by and each one is so precious.

Friday, November 13, 2009


WOW!! What a day! The morning started with a walk with the boys that ended up at Aunt Jamie's house. I love that my kids get to grow up so close to their cousins. Macie and Austin love playing with each other. I love to watch them and hear them talk about one another. Austin always want to stand, sit, just be next to Macie! After a short morning nap we were off to Canton for a picnic in the park. The boys and I had such a great time. Of course the swings won the award for favorite activity and for Austin there was a tire swing which is very important for him. The little boys were everywhere. They of course wanted to do everything big brother did and there was no much that they did not do. I love watching all the boys interact with each other. Austin personality really showed through today. He is such an outgoing people person. At first we were the only people at the park and soon after a little boy and his mom came up. Austin bravely walked up and said, "What is your name? Do you want to play with me?" and that was it the two boys were the best of friends! Once this little boy left Austin did the same to another. I have always wanted Austin and now my other boys to be bold brave boys and today he definitely was!
Tonight was a night out with the girls and it was much needed. Me, my sister and Jennifer were out with no children for dinner and shopping. It felt great to be out and about without the kids. I forget sometimes how fun and easy shopping is without the stroller, diaper bag, sippy cups, snack, etc..
Now I wait for Michael to get home from working the football game. I have not seen him since this morning and am kinda excited to see him! What a great day full of fun with my boys and with the girls!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well today has been a great day. Today I remember how blessed I truly am to be able to do what I do. I am thankful that all three of my boys are healthy today and in great cheerful moods. I am thankful that today is Thursday which means Austin was able to go to school and play with his friend in this beautiful weather.
Today started out with the usually early morning whining. Austin is by far more stubborn than me or his daddy, and if you know me and Michael well enough you know that this is hard. After making three sippy cups full of milk and handing them out Austin grabbed his from me and said "give me my chocolate milk" so of course I then took it back and said no sir, say thank you, he refused for ten minutes!! Finally he yelled from his room "thank you". During the ten minutes I kept telling Austin you are not going to win this one. Usually Austin is very polite and loves to use his manners but like his Daddy he is not a morning person and therefore does not believe the rules apply in the morning. Hopefully this lesson stuck in his head, we will see tomorrow!
After several day of sick kids and demanding every moment from me my house was in serious need of a cleaning. So with my new IPod in I set out to clean. I never knew music could motivate me so much. The little boys were entertained by the living room toy box toys which they had not played with in a while (so to them new toys) and of course a little Max and Ruby!
Today was definitely a full day that included 4 loads of laundry, emptying and loading the dishwasher, cooking and serving 3 meals, cleaning up those meals, changing diapers, three baths, watching a cheerleading competition, and a soon to be conversation with my husband. As tedious and repetitive my days have become I am thankful for a loving and generous husband that supports our family, loves me and gives me the opportunity to be home with our children, and as always I am thankful for my boys. They are amazing boys that are growing up way too fast.
Sweet Austin moment of the day: As we were laying down to take a "rest" he grabbed my hand and said, "You are my best friend mommy", I love it...this makes up for any and every bad moment of the day.

While on the subject of thankful... I am going to say that Dylan is thankful for Max and Ruby or TV in general and pacifiers!!

And Barrett is thankful for chocolate chip cookies!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Boys!!

Well I have to say the last few days have been rough. This is the first time that all the boys have been sick at the same time. I will be the first to say that I love kids, especially my own, and if the decision were up to me only I would have more, but there are challenges to having three. One being that there are not enough hands, enough space on my lap, or enough hips to hold everyone. Thank God that there are unlimited hugs and kisses to make up for this mishap. I hate seeing my kids hurt, as I am sure everyone does, but the feeling that you can't make them better or at least comfort then exactly when they need it will always be hard for me. All the boys are doing much better. Everyone just had a little stomach bug and my poor Bear also has two ear infections. Happy little bear bear has not been himself the last couple of days and therefore I knew something was wrong. Well no one slept very good last night and I have to admit that I don't think I have been this tired since the little boys were little babies, so I am going to bed. Goodnight!

The Family

Well I have decided to start a blog, mainly for me and my boys to be able to have something to look back on and laugh at all the memories we made together. So just to give everyone an overview of The Johnson Five at this time, we are still living in Van and love every minute of it. I could not imagine a better town to be raising my boys in. Michael is working as DPS sergeant in Smith County. He loves what he does, it is hard work and a lot of work but all in all a great job fit for our family. I am staying home with our three boys and love my job. I believe that it is probably harder than any job that someone could pay me to do. I love being able to capture every moment with my boys. Austin somehow is three years old and goes to preschool twice a week and loves it. I actually think he would not mind going everyday if I would let him. He is full of life and energy. He never stops talking or asking questions. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a good thing, that he is learning. He loves to play ball, play with his brothers, watch Clifford the big red dog, and he loves cubbies. I have to say three is a very demanding age but he also say and does some of the cutest things, things that I hope to remember for a lifetime.

Barrett and Dylan are 16 months and are everywhere. Barrett is a mess to say the least. He is a monkey. He love to run away from you, throw things, climb on top of things, anything to get a rise out of you. Barrett has his daddy's looks and personality. He is my only brown eyed boy and is super cute. He loves people and has a great outgoing personality. Most of the time we call him bear-bear or just bear. He love to snuggle up in you lap and lay his head on your shoulder. I try to treasure this each time because I do know how quickly it will pass. Dylan is little more high maintenance than his brother but is as equally cute. Dylan is a mama's boy to the extreme. He does not really care for anyone but me. He loves to snuggle and play with toys. Dylan does things in his time in his own way. There is no making Dylan do anything. This is something we noticed in NICU. The nurses told us the days after he was born that "baby b" had lungs that could clear a room and that he beat to his own drum. Meaning then and now that he does what he wants to when he wants to. Dylan has a scream that can draw a crowd, however he had a giggle that can do the same. All three boys are different and love one another. I look at them and just imagine the fun and trouble the johnson boys are going to have.