Monday, April 5, 2010

Big boys!

My little boys are turning into big boys and I do not like it. Barrett and Dylan now have big boy beds and are doing great in them. One of the things I love about them is how tiny they look in their big beds!



They also got big boy haircuts!! I loved their long hair but with summer approaching I knew they would be hot. They officially big boys however they will always be my little boys!



Easter Egg Hunt at Preschool

Austin had his Easter egg hunt at preschool and I was able to sneak away by myself for some Mommy and Austin time. I love to watch Austin with all of his friends. They have so much fun together. As sad as I am to see him grow I am also so excited to watch his life unfold with friends he has know since he was born.

Austin and Asher


Mommy and Austin

Austin and his friends!

Dallas Arboreteum

Every season my mom, my sister and me take all the kids to the Dallas Arboretum for Mommy and my Mondays. We love all the arts and crafts, the open areas to play and of course all of the pretty pictures. This was our first trip with Camryn... therefore 3 adults and 5 kids...a 4 year old, 3 - 1 year olds, and a three week old. Of course it was crazy but a lot of fun too. After the arboretum we headed to McDonalds, to Northpark, and then to see my Uncle Russell. All and all the kids were great!!

pictures to follow soon!!

Longview Easter Egg Hunt

Every year my sister in law puts on a huge Easter egg hunt and the kids love it. The weather was beautiful but the wind was strong and cool. It did not seem to affect the kids one bit though, all the boys had a blast!

And they are off...




My three boys

Michael with his boys

An attempt at a picture with me actually in it

The boys and their cousin Kelsi

Boys and Mud

After all the rain there is always lots of mud in the backyard and boys love mud! All three boys had a blast, especially Austin! After this adventure Austin discovered showers and has not stop taking them yet. I was sad at first that we had passed through the bath stage but am loving his independence and the daddy help that a shower brings! Boys and mud...FUN!


During spring break Gigi's work was having a fishing event so I decided to take the boys fishing. They all did so well and had a great time. Austin caught lots of fish and loved catching them but was not a fan of touching them. Barrett on the other hand loved the fish and thought they were hilarious...he laughed and laughed at them. Dylan was excited to be outside and thought the fish were neat but was not too impressed!

At the pond...Austin insisted that they all wear hats because you wear a hat when you are fishing...OK!

Austin with his see that Austin is not wearing a hat...that is because about 5 minutes into fishing it fell into the times!

all the boys looking at the fish

Barrett touching the fish

Barrett holding the fish!

Austin and Mommy with his fish!

Taylor Swift

I got the opportunity to get my hands on two fourth row tickets to Taylor Swift (thanks to Melissa) and I could not think of a better birthday present for my 10 year old niece we went and had a BLAST! The pictures say it was definitely a memory with Ally I will never forget and I hope that she doesn't either!

Ally and I at American Airlines for TAYLOR SWIFT!

Taylor from our seats

Me and Ally

Ally with Taylor!

Ally and her Aunt Juju...what a great night!!


We went to Longview for the weekend and the birth of Camryn! The boys had so much fun with their Gigi and Popple and of course Kelsi! Austin loves to go to Longview to Gigi's house. We also celebrated Popple's birthday and went to Shogun's. Austin did not like the fire part at all but enjoyed the food and had a great day with Kelsi. He even got to get a "fancy" drink, a virgin pina colada, and thought he was super cool.

Gigi with Barrett and Dylan

Gigi giving Barrett kisses!

Austin with his "fancy" drink

Kelsi and Austin

Austin and Daddy

Camryn Lynn has arrived!

On March 4th at 5:08pm I finally for the first time in 5 years became an Aunt again to a beautiful baby girl, Camryn Lynn! She is beautiful in pink and in pretty bows!!

Austin and Mommy's Birthday!

I know that it has been a long time so I am going to attempt to catch up through the month of March. Austin and I celebrated our birthday on February 28th and it was a great day. I have always LOVED my birthday and still do. I am a little distracted now because I am concentrating on Austin's birthday. I have always been called the birthday brat and I love it. I think it might be something to do with the day though because Austin's LOVES his birthday. The entire weekend of his birthday we would ask him to do something and he would say don't call me Austin, call me birthday boy!! This year Austin had a firetruck birthday party at my mom's house and the firetruck came. He was so excited and so were his friends. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time, especially Austin!

The birthday boy with his cake!

The birthday boy and birthday girl!

Austin with his best buddy, Jackson!

The firetruck with Austin and all his friends!

Fireman Austin