Monday, December 13, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Every fall we have a pumpkin carving is always a lot of fun with a LOT of kids!!

Me and my boys with our pumpkin...a 36 lb pumpkin that Austin HAD to have at the pumpkin patch!!

Everyone carving!!

All the kids and pumpkins

The boys with their lanterns from Grandaddy

All my them

Our pumpkin lit up

Me and my babies!!

Mud...Mud...and more MUD!!!

This is what you get with 4 little boys, one little girl, a water hose and a hot fall day...MUD!! They were having a blast. Dylan was not so sure about getting ALL the way in but managed to get just as dirty!!!

Macie, Austin and Dylan mixing up the mud

Bear about to go in

Jackson all the way in!!


Austin and Macie posing for a picture

Austin and Macie

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dallas Arboreteum

We LOVE the Dallas Arboreteum. We try to go a few times a year and the kids always have a blast and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

My Austin

Bear being bear


My sweet Dylan


The Cowboy Game

We went to the Cowboy game to see the cowboys but also to see the new stadium and we were not disappointed!! It was me and Austin's first cowboys game and it was a blast!

Me and Austin at the Cowboy Game

Austin and Aunt Jenn

Austin at the game

Austin with his Daddy

Austin pouting!! It was a LATE night!!

Little Disciples

In August our church, First Baptist Van, opened a mother's day out program called Little Disciples. Little Disciples is a ministry that I worked on, prayed for and fought for very hard and I am now proud to say that I am the director of this wonderful program. It has been an adjustment for me and my family...from going to a stay at home mom of 3 to a preschool director of 30 children, including my 3!! This picture is of my boys on the first day of Little Disciples and for Barrett and Dylan their first day of preschool!!

This is the only year that all three boys will be at preschool together!! Next year Austin will go to Kindergarten!!!

Vandal Football

Vandal Football!!


Fun in the bathtub with chocolate beaters!!









Austins first Ranger Game

This summer we took Austin to his first Ranger game and he LOVED it! When I asked him if he wanted to go get ice cream and to the gift shop he looked at me and said, "won't we miss the game?" When I told him yes he said well just get me something from one of those people that is walking around because I am NOT going to miss the game. He really like baseball!!

Me and Katy

Austin and Daddy

Grant, Austin and Lane in front of the ballpark

the boys walking to the game

having fun in the car

Austin and Daddy

Austin at the ballfield

Austin, Mommy and Daddy

Me and Austin

Me and Michael

On the way home!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Barrett and Dylan

Today my little boys turned 2 years old and I can NOT believe it! These two years have been full of new adventures to say the least. However it has been truly amazing to watch Barrett and Dylan go from struggling to breath to vibrant healthy wild crazy little boys! God has blessed us in so many ways and even through the scary birth and 5 week NICU stay...God was always good! All three of my boys amaze me everyday and I love to watch them form the bond that brothers will share for a lifetime! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barrett and Dylan and thank you so much for blessing my life each new day! I love you, Mommy!

Brothers Forever!

The first time I got to hold them together!

The first time I held Barrett - 2 WEEKS old!

The first time I held Dylan - 2 days old

The first time Austin met Dylan

My tiny baby boys!

The first time I saw them - 2 hours after delivery!




They definitely had a rough start but you could not tell it today and I thank God each day for my two little angels!