Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning at the Johnson house started about 7:30am. Austin woke up and was ready to go and see what Santa had brought. The little boys were still asleep but we woke them up so they could join in on the action. Austin was very excited and walked out saying..."Look at all my new stuff"!! Santa brought all the boys The Extreme Coaster from Step 2 and let me say this is a super neat toy. Austin and Barrett love it and want to ride it over and over. Dylan liked it until he got ejected from the car and bumped his head. Ever since this, which was like the third time he rode it, he screams when you get near it. Austin also got a racetrack with shake and go cars. This is probably his favorite. The little boys love to watch the cars zoom by. He also got a batcave and batman toys, a leapster with a diego game, and a learn to write your letters game. The little boys got a basketball goal and a block table. All the boys got a movie each and a new sippy cup. All and all everyone loved everything and everyone plays with everything!!

The boys on top of the extreme coaster

Austin and Barrett playing with the racetrack

Oh yeah Austin also got a set of real football pads!

Barrett playing basketball

Barrett and Dylan playing with the roller coaster.

Everything at our house comes from "Santa" because the boys are so little we know that with three other Christmas' that they get tired of unwrapping presents (and so do mommy and daddy) so we opt for giving all the glory to Santa for the short period of time that the spirit of believing last! I love Christmas and always have. In my house there wasn't much of a choice because my mom loves Christmas too. I guess it is one of the many things that I get from her. Seeing the boys faces makes everything worth it. They loved everything and I feel truly blessed that Michael and I are able to give them such a wonderful Christmas!!

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