Monday, November 23, 2009

What A Weekend!!

Michael and I finally had a weekend alone. We have had a trip to Austin planned for a while now with some friends. The closer I got to the weekend the more nervous I got. This would be the first time for us to leave the babies for a weekend. I don't necessarily get nervous because I am afraid that my children won't be taken care of but more because of all the things that "might" happen. I also get concerned for the people that are taking care of the kids because I do not want them to be burdened. Our kid free weekend started on Friday after lunch and we had a blast! We ran errands in Tyler before we left and I am always amazed at how much I can get down when I do not have to take two babies out of car seats, unload a stroller, put little boys in stroller, and then chase the three year old in the store only to do a 5 minute errand and then reload. After having the little babies Michael and I running errands together or shopping is a thing of the past. Anything we can do by ourselves without the kids or while one sits in the car with the kids while the other runs in is how we now run errands. We then headed off to Austin and had a blast. We shopped, ate great food, hung out with great friends, and laughed until we could not laugh anymore. On Sunday I was ready to see my boys and my boys were ready to see me. All three of them did great and Michael's mom even said that Dylan did not cry once. All in all a great weekend to remember.

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