Saturday, November 14, 2009


I love the season of Fall. It is by far my favorite season. It means the State Fair is here, The Dallas Arboreteum pumpkin days, the pumpkin patch, halloween, the leaves falling and changing colors, almost all of my favorite things. It is like the non-stressful kick-off to the great Christmas season. I also love fall because it mean cooler weather and cute fall clothes. However in Texas we are sweating!!! I attempted to take pictures of my children playing in the leaves today in their jeans and long sleeved shirts but ten minutes into we were all sweating!! Where are the cooler temperatures?

An attempt at a picture of the three of them!

My Bear...He is always sweet!!

Austin's action shot as he jumped into the leaves!

Dylan eating leaves!!

Today also came with a bittersweet moment. Austin was invited to go with a friend to chuck e cheese tonight. This was the first time he has ever been invited to go on an outing without me. I really did not want him to go because I do not like for my children to be in the car with anyone without me. However I knew that Austin would love to go so I said yes. I have to admit it was not that bad. I did get a little nervous when I knew they were driving home. I have to say that prayer worked this time. I prayed that Austin would be safe and he was, but even more so I prayed that God would worry about this one for me and allow me to enjoy my night alone with the little boys and He did. I am so grateful to serve such an awesome God!! Austin is getting so big with each new day and as proud of him as I am it hurts my heart to see it happening so fast. Moments seem to fly by and each one is so precious.

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