Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Family

Well I have decided to start a blog, mainly for me and my boys to be able to have something to look back on and laugh at all the memories we made together. So just to give everyone an overview of The Johnson Five at this time, we are still living in Van and love every minute of it. I could not imagine a better town to be raising my boys in. Michael is working as DPS sergeant in Smith County. He loves what he does, it is hard work and a lot of work but all in all a great job fit for our family. I am staying home with our three boys and love my job. I believe that it is probably harder than any job that someone could pay me to do. I love being able to capture every moment with my boys. Austin somehow is three years old and goes to preschool twice a week and loves it. I actually think he would not mind going everyday if I would let him. He is full of life and energy. He never stops talking or asking questions. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a good thing, that he is learning. He loves to play ball, play with his brothers, watch Clifford the big red dog, and he loves cubbies. I have to say three is a very demanding age but he also say and does some of the cutest things, things that I hope to remember for a lifetime.

Barrett and Dylan are 16 months and are everywhere. Barrett is a mess to say the least. He is a monkey. He love to run away from you, throw things, climb on top of things, anything to get a rise out of you. Barrett has his daddy's looks and personality. He is my only brown eyed boy and is super cute. He loves people and has a great outgoing personality. Most of the time we call him bear-bear or just bear. He love to snuggle up in you lap and lay his head on your shoulder. I try to treasure this each time because I do know how quickly it will pass. Dylan is little more high maintenance than his brother but is as equally cute. Dylan is a mama's boy to the extreme. He does not really care for anyone but me. He loves to snuggle and play with toys. Dylan does things in his time in his own way. There is no making Dylan do anything. This is something we noticed in NICU. The nurses told us the days after he was born that "baby b" had lungs that could clear a room and that he beat to his own drum. Meaning then and now that he does what he wants to when he wants to. Dylan has a scream that can draw a crowd, however he had a giggle that can do the same. All three boys are different and love one another. I look at them and just imagine the fun and trouble the johnson boys are going to have.

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