Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well today was a beautiful day outside and the little boys are learning to love to play outside and have discovered that they can do this without me. So after afternoon nap I put on all the boys coats, sock and shoes and opened up the back door. Out they went we started out at the swings after much begging from Austin. After swinging three boys in the swings I got everyone down and headed in to clean up the kitchen. The boys had a blast sliding down the slides, playing in the sand box and throwing leaves. They also love to play with Suzie and I really think she enjoys playing with them.

Suzie and all the boys in the sand box!

Going down the slide

Bear and Suzie

Austin and Suzie

Playing on the slide

Eating crackers in the sand box!

Austin, like any three year old, always says thing that amazes me. When outside playing today he looked up in the sky and saw this...

and said "Mom look at that comet." He became obsessed with it and wanted me to take a picture of it so here is Austin's "comet" for everyone to see!!

The night ended with a houseful, 6 adults, 1 three year old, and 3 one year old or my parents and my sister's family. We had a lot of fun, grilled hamburgers and mostly played with babies!!

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