Friday, November 13, 2009


WOW!! What a day! The morning started with a walk with the boys that ended up at Aunt Jamie's house. I love that my kids get to grow up so close to their cousins. Macie and Austin love playing with each other. I love to watch them and hear them talk about one another. Austin always want to stand, sit, just be next to Macie! After a short morning nap we were off to Canton for a picnic in the park. The boys and I had such a great time. Of course the swings won the award for favorite activity and for Austin there was a tire swing which is very important for him. The little boys were everywhere. They of course wanted to do everything big brother did and there was no much that they did not do. I love watching all the boys interact with each other. Austin personality really showed through today. He is such an outgoing people person. At first we were the only people at the park and soon after a little boy and his mom came up. Austin bravely walked up and said, "What is your name? Do you want to play with me?" and that was it the two boys were the best of friends! Once this little boy left Austin did the same to another. I have always wanted Austin and now my other boys to be bold brave boys and today he definitely was!
Tonight was a night out with the girls and it was much needed. Me, my sister and Jennifer were out with no children for dinner and shopping. It felt great to be out and about without the kids. I forget sometimes how fun and easy shopping is without the stroller, diaper bag, sippy cups, snack, etc..
Now I wait for Michael to get home from working the football game. I have not seen him since this morning and am kinda excited to see him! What a great day full of fun with my boys and with the girls!!

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