Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well today has been a great day. Today I remember how blessed I truly am to be able to do what I do. I am thankful that all three of my boys are healthy today and in great cheerful moods. I am thankful that today is Thursday which means Austin was able to go to school and play with his friend in this beautiful weather.
Today started out with the usually early morning whining. Austin is by far more stubborn than me or his daddy, and if you know me and Michael well enough you know that this is hard. After making three sippy cups full of milk and handing them out Austin grabbed his from me and said "give me my chocolate milk" so of course I then took it back and said no sir, say thank you, he refused for ten minutes!! Finally he yelled from his room "thank you". During the ten minutes I kept telling Austin you are not going to win this one. Usually Austin is very polite and loves to use his manners but like his Daddy he is not a morning person and therefore does not believe the rules apply in the morning. Hopefully this lesson stuck in his head, we will see tomorrow!
After several day of sick kids and demanding every moment from me my house was in serious need of a cleaning. So with my new IPod in I set out to clean. I never knew music could motivate me so much. The little boys were entertained by the living room toy box toys which they had not played with in a while (so to them new toys) and of course a little Max and Ruby!
Today was definitely a full day that included 4 loads of laundry, emptying and loading the dishwasher, cooking and serving 3 meals, cleaning up those meals, changing diapers, three baths, watching a cheerleading competition, and a soon to be conversation with my husband. As tedious and repetitive my days have become I am thankful for a loving and generous husband that supports our family, loves me and gives me the opportunity to be home with our children, and as always I am thankful for my boys. They are amazing boys that are growing up way too fast.
Sweet Austin moment of the day: As we were laying down to take a "rest" he grabbed my hand and said, "You are my best friend mommy", I love it...this makes up for any and every bad moment of the day.

While on the subject of thankful... I am going to say that Dylan is thankful for Max and Ruby or TV in general and pacifiers!!

And Barrett is thankful for chocolate chip cookies!!

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