Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look what we learned to do!

The little boys have learned to climb up the ladder of the play-set and slide down the "BIG GREEN" slide. I am not thrilled about this because it makes me very nervous. My favorite thing about nice weather is that my children can play outside and I can accomplish things inside. This is a thing of the past for now. Until I feel a little more secure in the fact that they can do this by themselves I will now consider myself ladder monitor!! Both Barrett and Dylan are very proud of themselves and so is big brother Austin because of course he taught them how to do this! I do have to say that I am proud of the boys for this accomplishment but with them each new accomplishment is a little bittersweet. I remember when Austin accomplished this same adventure and I was so excited about him and all of the activities he was going to be able to do. As I am excited for the boys it also makes me a little sad because I know that independence is coming. So yes I am excited for this accomplishment but will hold them a little tighter and longer today because I know that my sweet babies will be sweet big boys before I know it!

Finding trouble!

Proud Barrett

Proud Dylan

The three trouble makers!!

Update on me- Well I went to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed that YES I need to have my gallbladder removed but also believes that I might have a stone caught in my bile duct. This would require me to have a scope but down my mouth and remove it. Lucky me! I am scheduled to see the surgeon on Friday so we will have more details then. Until then please continue to keep me in your prayers!

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