Monday, January 4, 2010


Wow I can not believe that it is 2010. Time seems to fly by faster each day. We had a great New Years with great friends. Michael and I spent New Years at the Admire's house with the Jones' and the Russell's and had a blast playing catch phrase. I think I laughed so hard my sides hurt! All the kids came to our house with a sitter and had a blast as well. All the toys were out, the juice boxes were gone, and food was everywhere and all of that equals a blast for 4 active little kids!

At the end of the night we realized we had not taken one picture so here if the only evidence that we had plans on New Years!

On New Years Day we headed to Tyler to run some errands and have lunch. All the boys were excellent. I love the ages of everyone right now. The little boys are for the most part happy and Austin is grasping the concept of listening therefore trips in public are pretty much painless at this point.
On Saturday night Michael was signed up to work the movie theater and so I thought it would be a great time to take Austin to see Alvin and The Chipmunks. So we took the little boys to Mimi and Grandpa's house and headed to Tyler for the 7:00 show. We have taken Austin to see a couple of movies before but we always end up leaving in the middle because Austin is bored and can not stay quiet. This movie was different. We made it through the whole show and Austin did not make a peep. This is such a cute movie and Austin loved it. I loved watching his face and him sing along with the music. He is getting so big and independent. I am so proud of him but at the same time sad because I know that he is going to need me less and less as each new day passes.

Austin at the movies. He LOVES to stick his tongue out at the camera!

For now I am in the process of putting the house back in order to start out the new year. The Christmas decorations are up, all three closets are cleaned out along with three toy boxes, now to get the kitchen and living room in order oh and of course LAUNDRY!!!

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