Monday, January 11, 2010

It is MONDAY!!

Today Austin woke up and said his tummy was hurting, I figured since we had a late dinner last night and we had breakfast for dinner that his greasy bacon just did not sit right. So I turned on a movie and gave him some apple juice. Austin is a little dramatic (I do not know where he gets that from) and was constantly coughing and making the throw up noise, funny kid. So of course after a sippy cup full of juice eventually with one of his "attacks" it came back up all over the tile in the living room. Not so bad, right, a quick mop and its cleaned up. Well while running to get a towel to throw over it I heard a thump and then a scream. Oh yes, Barrett just slipped in the thrown up apple juice and is now covered in it. So I clean up the apple juice, take off Bear's pajamas and breath. What a wild couple of minutes. On days like this and moments like this I feel like we could be either a bad commercial or a reality TV show. So last time Austin had a stomach virus he cried and cried that his bottom hurt so I put him in the tub. So after his "episode" he demanded that he needed to get into the tub so he would feel better. At 10:00 everyone was in the tub 45 minutes later I get the little boys out and dressed and start making some lunch, Austin refused to get out. Finally lunch at 11:15, Austin gets out, gets dressed, and eats lunch. At 12:00 Austin says he is not feeling good when he is not in the tub so back in he goes. For 2 hours he sits in my tub and watches cartoons! I think he would have stayed in there all day but I forced him out. Then about 3 o'clock Austin was pooped out from his all day bath that he fell asleep in the recliner!

How sweet is that! What a day!

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  1. Oh, Julie I am so sorry he got sick, but I laughed and nearly fell out of my chair when you said Barrett slipped in it! That IS a comedy reality show!! Glad Austin is feeling better!! Neer dull, never dull!:) Hope Tuesday is boring:)!