Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

Last night we decided to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese since Michael was leaving to go out of town for a few days. Austin was super excited!! When Michael walked in the door from work Austin screamed, "Lets go to Chuck E Cheese". So we loaded the car and headed out the door. Austin is TERRIFIED of Chuckie and told us several times on the way up there that he did not want to see him. We tell him over and over that it is just some boy in a costume but he always answers with well what if you are wrong. We get there and no sign of Chuckie...Yeah. Off they go Michael first followed by Austin, then Barrett, and then Dylan...and then of course me chasing everyone. Everyone had a blast!

All the boys in the big jeep

We played and ate pizza and played some more. Finally while waiting for our pizza Chuckie came out. I was at the table with the boys and Austin and Michael were playing. As soon as I saw Chuckie I yelled for Michael to get ready. Austin immediately started panicking. Michael and Austin walked the other direction while the boys stared at Chuck wondering what the heck is was!

After eating Chuckie made his way back to the table and Austin was there and tears were flowing. He walked into a door right by our table and I told Austin to watch because a person was going to walk back out because that is who was under his costume. Austin watched and sure enough a teenage boy walked through the door. Austin argued for a minute telling us that he was just Chuckie's helper but finally was convinced but he says he still does not like him.

I put the boys on the stage with the mechanical Chuckie and Barrett bolted...he did NOT like him. Dylan was ok...

And Austin was very brave and took his picture to...he did not want to get too close to him though...

We had a GREAT family night. We only spent $30 had dinner, played with 140 tokens, won 469 ticket, and everyone came home with a prize! This morning showed me that everyone had a great time because EVERYONE slept until 8:45am....oops!

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