Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Austin is having a firetruck birthday party for his 4th birthday. Wow 4 just sounds so BIG!! Anyway so for his invitations we decided we would go to the fire station and take some pictures with the firetruck. Austin LOVED it and the pictures turned out super cute!

Talking on the radio

Squirting the water hose

Wearing a real fire helmet

Getting on the truck!

The firetruck even brought Austin home!! Oh the benefits of a small town and it doesn't hurt that my best friends husband is the Assistant Chief at Van Volunteer Fire Department.

Waving bye

Later that day Austin told me that he didn't like riding in cars anymore and really wished he could ride everywhere in the firetruck!!

I am so excited about his birthday and know he is going to love it too!! Now we only have to wait a month!!

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  1. Precious!!! Especially love the one in the helmet!! SO cute!!