Saturday, June 19, 2010

T-Ball....Go Dodgers

This is Austin's first season of t-ball and he LOVES it. To be honest I think Michael and I love it just as much. He is a great little player. He hits hard and runs as fast as he can, which isn't the fastest, but hey he is only 4. He loves getting medals at his tournaments, even if it is for last place. He is on a team with his friends Jackson and Reed and met his new friend Lane!

Austin in the outfield

At one of his last games Austin begged to played catcher. He had never played that position and wanted his "turn". He looked too cute in his catcher's gear!

Austin and Jackson eating their medals...BOYS!!

Jackson, Austin, Reed, and Lane showing off their medals!

Dedicated tball player!! Austin refused to go to sleep without his uniform!

First day he got his uniform

#10 - carry on the tradition, Michael and I both were #10 in all the sports we played growing up! I decided that the little boys are going to be #1 and #0, so together they will be #10 too!

Our little Dodger

pep talk at practice

Austin and Jackson at practice!

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