Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Well Valentine's Day is not an important day for me. I love my boys and I love my husband but I just have never been extremely excited for this "holiday"! I have always said it is because my birthday is 2 weeks later and so is Austin's so I don't want to take any focus off of that!! However we did do a little celebrating this year...On Friday Michael and I headed out with friends to eat dinner at Dakota's, then on Saturday we went back to Tyler to run a few errands and went to Chuck e Cheese and then Saturday night Michael cooked steaks on the grill and we watched a movie. On Sunday we headed to church and came home for an afternoon nap! Austin had a blast with Valentine's day for his grandparents, us and all his friends! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

This is such a rare moment at our house, everyone is quietly sitting down coloring and watching Caillou!!

Dylan has always been very stingy with his kisses and this weekend he finally has gave in and LOVES to give kisses now. Only drawback - he kisses with his tongue...Oh well I will take what I can get!!

Our Valentine's Day heart shaped Chocolate chip muffins

Eating breakfast!

Dylan and Barrett with their Valentine's Day presents ... New Books!!

Austin with his new book for Valentines Day!

Austin picked me out a necklace for Valentine's Day and was so excited to give it to me.

Austin taking my picture with my necklace on before church... he was so proud!

Austin before church!

After church we made heart pizza and took a nap...what a great weekend!!

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