Thursday, February 11, 2010


WOW!! What a day...I LOVE all the snow and so did ALL my boys!! We had so much fun playing outside in all the snow. All the boys did not know what to think. Barrett and Dylan loved it as long as they were dry and on their feet. All Austin wanted to do was make snowballs and throw them at us. Once Michael got home the real snowball fights began and even a miniature snowman was built. What a great day full of great memories!!

Watching the snow fall

Brother kisses

Austin and Mommy

Making snowballs

Let the snowball fight begin

Talking about the plan...

on the move

My three babies

Austin getting Daddy!

Snowball fight

Watching the snowball fight

Daddy and Austin making a snowman

Smiling with their snowman

Austin with his snowman

Me and my little man!!

I love days like today that make you smile so big at the end of the day!! I love my family and I love memories that we make together. Thank you God for all the blessing you give to us!!

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